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April 2010

How To Survive the Media Interview – Talking With Reporters

Given the rapidly failing state of the news media business in North America and Europe it is becoming ever more important that people be very careful when agreeing to do a media interview. Ethical and professional standards have slipped badly in the last several years, particularly in television news and even more so in local […]

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Keeping Secrets from Spies, Reporters, Friends and Family – And Not Letting Them Know That You Are

There’s a dirty little secret about secrets that every competent spy, or the more euphemistically named, intelligence officer, knows that makes their jobs a lot easier. You are more than halfway to learning a person’s secret if you know that they hold a secret. It sounds a little odd, if not simplistic, but it is […]

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Social Media Networking For People Who Need Publicity But Can’t Pay For It

The other day I was asked for some help in setting up a news conference in another country, which meant that the costs in getting me there to do the work simply weren’t worth it. But I was able to provide a fair bit of free information over the telephone and I referred the person […]

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