Awareness Campaigns

If your Strategic Plan calls for an awareness campaign then expect to spend the bulk of your communications budget on launching and running it.

Campaigns are the meat and potatoes of many Strategic Plans.  It’s during a campaign that a group can get its message through, or raise a company’s profile, or restore a tarnished reputation.  This is where your people will get to do the stuff they really like to do, the television interviews, the magazine layouts, advertising shoots, hiring models, slapping posters onto walls.

All of this stuff can be done by your low to mid level communications people or farmed out at not too much cost.

But a warning.  If you launch a campaign without a comprehensive Strategic Communications Plan then you will, without a doubt, waste everyone’s time and all of your money.

Awareness campaigns are dead easy and I sometimes, not often, feel guilty for taking a consultant’s fee for running one because a well thought out campaign based on a proper Strategic Plan runs itself.

However, I don’t feel in the slightest any guilt at piling up huge daily billing fees for being asked to rescue some tangled ill thought dog’s breakfast of a campaign designed with no plan or philosophy or any other reason other than to “get the word out”.

Please don’t launch a campaign without doing a proper plan otherwise you will be flying someone like me a quarter of the way around the world in business class in the desparate hope that I can save your managerial reputation.   Sure I can probably save things but you don’t want to think about what the billing costs will be.

Do it right, from the beginning.