How is Not-Writing the Book Going?

There is an insightful piece today in the Globe and Mail about the whole depressing subject of writing and not writing, missed deadlines, and all the ways that writers use to not-write.

It’s written by Will Ferguson who is about to publish a travel memoir called Beyond Belfast – a 560 Mile Walk Across Northern Ireland and I’ll bet that he wrote it while he was not-writing the book.  Anyone who has written more than an inter-office email will recognize the agony that a stalled writer falls into.

Recently I’ve been watching a similar train wreck playing out on Stephen Fry’s website and on his Twitter feed. Mr. Fry is of course a writer and actor or some brilliance and one of his current activities is a script for Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings Fame.

I am pretty certain it was this particular script that prompted this cri de coeur a few days ago as the high scream of a passing deadline whooshed past his head.

He broke radio silence yesterday on Twitter to say that he had finished the damn thing and was probably going out for a drink. A few hours later there was one more Tweet. It consisted of one word, "Hic!"

This not-writing business is the most painful condition imaginable but then there is no way for a person who doesn’t write for living to even begin to imagine the pain. But for those of you who do write I highly recommend Mr Ferguson’s article. We’ve all been there and unfortunately it is a third world country of the mind that we are doomed to visit again no doubt.

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