Media Training

Media Training is the art of dealing with reporters and journalists and to do that you must understand how the journalism business works.

Journalists belong to a strange tribe with beliefs and outlooks on life that often run counter to the mainstream.  You need to understand their world before you can confidently use the media to spread your message.

If you have any dealings with a member of the media you must, absolutely, understand the pitfalls of dealing with them.

You may think that you can protect yourself by saying “off the record” and “no comment” when it suits you.  If so then you will plunge yourself into disaster.

Take a look at the Rules of Attribution article on this site and understand just how nasty a bear trap you could find yourself in if you misunderstood just one of these arcane rules.

And then there is the whole other side of dealing with the media – how to perform well before it.  And make no mistake, you are expected to perform with skill and ease otherwise you open yourself as a target for media criticism.

Media Training sessions can do a lot to turn people into effective television and radio, print and internet, communicators.

There are a lot of people who offer this training but very few have substantive experience in working as a journalist as well as holding a major amount of communications experience.  If you find a media trainer who has worked at least eight or ten years as a journalist at a senior level for a recognized media outlet, and who knows the ins and outs of Communication Strategies, then consider hiring them.

If they don’t have that journalistic experience then they cannot train you in how the media thinks and performs.  Without that insight you will never have a happy time in front of the microphones and there will be days when one of your quotes (in or out of context, real or made up – it doesn’t matter) will make you cringe in embarrassment.

Hire a pro.