Writing and Motivation Training

A lot of people, perhaps most, appear to have the most pronounced fear of writing.  Throw in a tendency to procrastinate and you have trouble, big time.

Anyone can be trained to be a good writer.  Seriously, anyone can be taught how to write effective clear sentences.  One good sentence after another and eventually you will have a book.

The business people I deal with would be happy just to be able to write understandable emails to their bosses that get results.  And I am sure that their bosses would like to start receiving stuff that makes sense as well.

But any session on writing inevitably results in discussions about overcoming “writer’s block”, or how to organize the workspace, or the best way to set up a filing system, or how to beat procrastination.

I spent many years as a journalist in newsrooms, press rooms, wars and disaster zones and I never once missed any of the intensively savage editorial deadlines that are routine in the business.  I never once saw, or heard of, any journalist who didn’t make deadline because they “just couldn’t seem to get going”.  I believe that there is no such thing as writer’s block just like there is no such thing as school bus driver’s block, lawyer’s block, firefighter’s block, or parent’s block.

I have found that the people I coach in writing, the ones who are concerned about procrastination or writer’s block, all make the writing process so monumental, so complex, that it becomes some weird gothic cathedral construct that defeats them before they even start.

There are proven ways of dealing with writing fear and uncertainty and they can be taught.  But be clear about what I am saying here.  I can teach you how to be a good writer, and a writer who always turns out sparkling work well before deadline, but don’t think that the same techniques will work if procrastination has eaten into other areas of your life. 

For that kind of pervasive dread and inability of doing anything at all I would highly recommend someone with a serious degree in one of the psychological fields.